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Getting ready for Summer Remodeling-we can help!

Posted by T. Williams on May 18th 2016

It's project time! Need to do some painting perhaps freshen up the lighting through-out? We have two products to help make your life a little easier!! Both the Attic-Dek Panels and our Heavy Duty Saw … read more


Posted by T. Wiliams on Mar 30th 2016

I spoke with a customer recently who was buying Attic Dek for a completely different application than using it for flooring...he was making tables! This gentleman was using the panels to make planting … read more

Easy to manage Attic Dek

Posted by T. Williams on Nov 17th 2015

I have seen a lot of Blogs and pages showing how to use plywood as flooring in the attic...go ahead, try it! Have you ever tried to get a piece of plywood up over your head? Ok, now fit it through you … read more

Measure twice-order once...and accurately

Posted by T. Williams on Oct 26th 2015

I had a shop teacher in high school that always said, "measure twice; cut once"...well, that has always stuck with me and it was sound advice! Attic Dek does not require any cutting, but before you or … read more