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I spoke with a customer recently who was buying Attic Dek for a completely different application than using it for flooring...he was making tables! This gentleman was using the panels to make planting/potting tables at his nursery! How innovative and creative. The panels are actually perfect for such a thing!

The panels are sturdy, weather resistant, a good size, and have built in drainage.

Now this isn't what we would normally promote doing with the panels, but kudos for finding alternate uses!

Maybe you need a table for you potting shed!!

Easy to manage Attic Dek

I have seen a lot of Blogs and pages showing how to use plywood as flooring in the attic...go ahead, try it! Have you ever tried to get a piece of plywood up over your head? Ok, now fit it through your attic opening! Not so easy!! Attic Dek is easy to manage being 24" [...]

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Measure twice-order once...and accurately

I had a shop teacher in high school that always said, "measure twice; cut once"...well, that has always stuck with me and it was sound advice! Attic Dek does not require any cutting, but before you order Attic Dek, make sure you measure-twice (or maybe 3 times)!! First, you must know whether you need 16" [...]

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