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Summer is in full swing-Order your Metro-Product Attic-Dek and Saw Horses TODAY

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The Summer projects continue to pile up! Getting organized in your garage and attic space are top priority. Or maybe you are preparing for a summer time garage sale! The Heavy Duty Saw Horses made by Metro-Products are perfect for making an extra table to place sale items. And once you have sold all of your extra goodies, you can get re-organized using the new storage space in your attic!! Place your Attic-Dek Panels in no time flat!!

More space is invaluable!! Order your helpful Attic-Dek Panels today!!!

Getting ready for Summer Remodeling-we can help!

It's project time! Need to do some painting perhaps freshen up the lighting through-out? We have two products to help make your life a little easier!! Both the Attic-Dek Panels and our Heavy Duty Saw Horses are what you need!! Do not go into that unfinished attic to rewire for those lights! First, install the [...]

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I spoke with a customer recently who was buying Attic Dek for a completely different application than using it for flooring...he was making tables! This gentleman was using the panels to make planting/potting tables at his nursery! How innovative and creative. The panels are actually perfect for such a thing! The panels are sturdy, weather [...]

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Spring is just around the corner

I know...I know...we just had Christmas and some of you were too busy to think about your Attic Dek purchase or your Saw Horse needs! But, now is the time to start thinking about your Spring projects and all that you will need to tackle as the weather warms. Winter can be harsh on your [...]

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Just a quick note to remind you to purchase your Attic Dek today! Be ready to put that Christmas Tree away! And store those decorations!!!

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Safety Factor

Attic Dek isn't just for storage!The product came to be because the "designer" fell through his kitchen ceiling while in the attic doing a bit of remodeling. Luckily he wasn't hurt but it could definitely have resulted in an injury. Don't let that happen to you! Order your Attic Dek now!!

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Easy to manage Attic Dek

I have seen a lot of Blogs and pages showing how to use plywood as flooring in the attic...go ahead, try it! Have you ever tried to get a piece of plywood up over your head? Ok, now fit it through your attic opening! Not so easy!! Attic Dek is easy to manage being 24" [...]

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Buy Direct

We all know the saying, "skip the middle man" and you can do that by ordering direct from Metro-Products. Metro Plastics is the only manufacturer of Attic Dek. Get the best deal and service direct from the manufacturer right here in Middle America!

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Measure twice-order once...and accurately

I had a shop teacher in high school that always said, "measure twice; cut once"...well, that has always stuck with me and it was sound advice! Attic Dek does not require any cutting, but before you order Attic Dek, make sure you measure-twice (or maybe 3 times)!! First, you must know whether you need 16" [...]

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Never enough storage space!

Stuff! We all have too much stuff! Even if you are not a pack-rat, my guess is you still have loads of things that you don't need access to everyday but with which you can not part! And you have no place to really put those items. Grandma's dishes; Holiday decorations; your high school and college [...]

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